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The Essence of Three Waters

The three states of water symbolize the three manifestations of the body. Ice represents ultimate tension, tightness, and lack of mobility -remember the tension after a long, hard day at work? Steam embodies extremes in looseness, and mobility -the pain in your neck from over lengthening after staring at a computer screen all day long. Water represents a normal state, homeostasis, when the muscle is neither tight nor overstretched and where there is no pain or tension –the ultimate goal of massage.

To help bring the body back to a water state -the state of balance, Claire use a variety of techniques along with Lomi Lomi massage to facilitate relaxation. No two massage sessions are the same since she customizes your massage for the aches and pains you are experiencing today. Her massage, with Lomi Lomi as the base, will bring you to a place of harmony, tranquility and balance.

Claire Rambo offers Therapeutic massage, Treatment massage, Relaxation massage, Prenatal massage, and Lomi Lomi massage in the greater Thousand Oaks, California area.  



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